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Get Well Soon Gift Set



Dhs. 285.00
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Boost Your Loved One’s Wellbeing

Nothing says ‘get well soon’ perfectly than a personalised gift box filled with all-natural and simply divine products! Your loved one’s wellness will be instantly boosted, not to mention they’ll feel loved and thought of.

Great for beginners and professionals alike, our gift set contains some of the most popular and versatile essential oils available as well of our famous mini candle set with a “get well soon” message.

Essential oils are organic compounds extracted from plant sources. 

Our Essential Oils are all natural, vegan and cruelty free.


One of the most popular essential oils sold, our Lavender essential oil offers a rich, sweet aroma that is both uplifting and calming. A versatile essential oil, Lavender may assist in providing a soothing atmosphere for bedtime routines, calming and nurturing emotions, nerves and bodies.


Lemongrass essential oil’s lemony fresh aroma makes it an excellent choice for use around the home, in the diffuser and cleaning to refresh and purify your environment, along with beating the germs! Lemongrass may assist soothe stiff sore muscles and joints, a worthy addition to post-sports blends. With its wonderfully zesty aroma, Lemongrass may provide relief of mental fatigue and uplift the senses. May aid abdominal discomfort.


Peppermint can be used as a relaxing and cooling foot bath, inhaled to clear the head and airways, and may be useful in soothing headaches. Peppermint may assist in calming muscle tension and soreness and digestive upsets. With its fresh, uplifting menthol aroma, Peppermint may help alleviate mental fatigue.

Tea Tree:

Tea Tree, the oil of purification, can be used as a cleanser and gentle healing agent for skin conditions. This warming oil may also support foot and scalp care, and is known to stimulate and support the nervous system. Its powerful cleansing nature makes Tea Tree oil a great addition to your home cleaning products and your first aid kit.


Our cold pressed Orange oil is a rich, sweet and gently stimulating yet relaxing. Emotionally uplifting, let Orange brings a little joy into your life, soothing frazzled nerves and irritability. Orange oil may help to unwind and de-stress, aid digestive upsets, and may support the immune system. This oil is a great addition to your home care kit, not only being a potent deodoriser, particularly for smoky and stale smells and is a wonderful cleaning agent.

CAUTIONS: Avoid contact with eyes and not to be taken orally. Possible skin irritant for sensitive skin. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from direct sunlight. Not for internal use.

Our "Get Well Soon" gift set Includes+
  • ”Get Well Soon” mini trio candle set. Each pack contains 3 mini 60g candles that smell like lavender or rose (please select your fragrance). The burn time per candle is approximately 11-13 hours. The Trio is packaged in an elegant black gift box with a gold trim.
  • Set of 6 x 10ml Organic & Pure Essential Oils. Includes Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Orange Oil and Basil Oil. Feel good using quality oils on yourself and your family.
  • 100% Organic & Pure Essential Oils: Extracted from natural plants, leafs, wood and flower. No added additives, chemicals, fillers, bases or carriers oil, just Organic Pure Essential Oil.
  • Health Benefits: Essential oils offer various therapeutic benefits. These aromatherapy oils promote harmony, optimism, energy, concentration and may boosts immune system. Aromas specially selected to obtain a pleasant, relaxing and sensual space. Eliminate bad odors and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your home or workplace.
  • Multipurpose: These essential oils are water-soluble, use with a diffuser, humidifier, nebulizing diffuser for better air diffusion, cleaning, inhalation, massage, perfume, home care (bedroom, living room, lounge room, bathroom, kitchen), office (workstation, classroom, waiting area), spa, yoga, studio, car.
  • QUALITY TESTING & CONTROLS: Certified Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. ISO 9001:2015 Certified as UKCERT Registered, HAlan, Kosher and HACCP. Make sure all oils you buy have these qualifications. Our essential oils are organic, 100% pure and therapeutically effective.
Lavender Tea Tree Lemongrass Peppermint Orange Basil
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We stand firm in the belief that natural ingredients are a key in producing toxin-free, high quality products!


We take a lot of pride in our ongoing journey to produce our products and packaging as sustainable as possible. Our tissue paper and mailers are 100% biodegradable, made from a renewable, plant based material. We are part of the Eco Packaging Alliance and contribute to global reforestation. One tree at a time!


People have always been our priority. We take service very serious and will try our upmost to meet your expectations. Our team is small and we take our time to make you fell taken care off. The personal touch that comes with our products; it means so much to us!

Our Promise

We promise that we pack all our products with the highest standards of hygiene. All our products are sealed in a thin foil, which gets only opened once the order is confirmed and about to get prepared. We are a small team so only one person will prepare the gift box. We wear at all times face masks and gloves in the store, where we prepare the gift boxes.

100% Service

We really do try our best to serve you in the best way possible. From production to delivery, we are not only involved in the process,but we fulfill them personally. Each project is different and we enjoy to make memories with you (we had baby showers, corporate evens, birthday parties,product launches, anniversaries, Christmas markets....and so much more; keepcoming, nothing makes us happier!

Get Well Soon Gift Set

Dhs. 285.00