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The ultimate guide to soy wax candle care
A lot of passion and pride goes into creating our product to ensure it’s of the very highest quality. So you can enjoy your You Rock candles for as long and effectively as possible here are our tips on how to care for them.

Give it a good first burn

When you light your soy candle for the very first time, let the whole surface melt or it will be tricky to melt past that initial wax 'ring' on future burns. Remember not to leave it burning unattended so ensure you have the time to relax and enjoy it on the first burn. A good first burn helps avoid ‘tunneling’, when the wax near the center of a candle burns deeper than the edges. Also, try to avoid lighting the candle for short periods to stop tunneling. Bonus tip: the longer your candle is left burning, the stronger the fragrance will become.

Trim the wick

Soy wax candles burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax so they need thicker wicks, which do not always burn 100% and need to be trimmed regularly. Trim your candle’s wick to around 6-10mm prior to each lighting. This allows a slower, more even burn and prevents smoking and soot building up on the inside of the container. It also stops the tip of the wick from ‘mushrooming’. Our stylish, specially designed wick trimmer lets you cut the wick with ease and also catches any debris. Wait until it’s cooled also so excess wick doesn’t drop into the melted wax.

Adjusting the wick

If you notice wax is collecting on one side of the jar and burning unevenly simply adjust your wick back to the center or lean it closer to the side that needs more heat. You’ll need to do this when the wax is still in a warm and pliable form so please DO NOT use your fingers! Nudge it gently with an object like our wick trimmer.

Light it right

We recommend using a good lighting tool like our You Rock matches or a BBQ lighter. Not only is it easier as the candle gets lower it helps prevent soot marks on the glass.

It matters where you put your candle

Candles can burn faster and more unevenly when they’re near drafts or other heat sources. And always put it on a level, heatproof surface away from anything flammable. The size of the room also has an affect on how you enjoy your candle due to the ratio of fragrance to wax. A large candle in a small room may be overpowering and a small candle in a big room, ineffective.

Storing candles

Store your candles in cool, dark and dry places, out of direct sunlight or harsh indoor lighting. This helps protect it from discoloration, fading and losing the scent.

Know when it’s done

When there’s about a centimeter of wax left, that’s when it’s time to start using a new candle. This one is done. Don’t try to burn that last little bit or you risk overheating the glass holder.

Reuse and recycle

If you’d like to reuse your You Rock candle glass, pop it in the freezer to shrink the wax first. Then give it a hot, soapy wash to scrub it out. Don’t use boiling water or you could damage the glass.

Basic candle safety

  • Never burn unattended.
  • Keep out of the reach/way of children and pets.
  • Never burn near flammable objects.
  • Always place the candle on a stable, level, heat proof surface.
  • Keep drafts away from burning candles (or vice versa).
  • Don’t burn all the way down.
  • Never touch or move a burning candle when the wax is liquid.
  • Place burning candles at least 10cm apart form each other.
  • Use a snuffer to avoid hot wax splatters.
  • Never put out a candle using water.
  • Trim the wick before burning.